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Why Your Skin Needs HydraFacial During Winters?

Why Your Skin Needs HydraFacial During Winters?

Winter is always tough on our skin. While we may love the cool breeze, warm sweaters, and a cuddly feeling, our skin feels dry, cracked, and irritated all the time. The cold, harsh air is very unforgiving, drying out even the skin’s deepest layers. The result? Dull and dry skin on the outside and aging skin on the inside. So, proper skin care during winter is essential for defending the appearance of our skin and maintaining its health.


Effect of seasonal changes on the skin

Winter season comes with dry, chilly air, sucking the moisture from our facial skin. Even when staying indoors, heated air can dry out our skin. Warm baths or showers often strip our skin of essential oil barriers that protect us from severe winter elements. People often keep on slathering heavy moisturizers or lotions to solve their dry skin. Yet, this makes the skin even worse with greasy skin and clogged pores resulting in breakouts. Tropical moisturizers are often ineffective for very dry skin. For those looking for a natural, effective, and long-term solution for their winter skin woes, HydraFacial is the answer.


How HydraFacial Works?

HydraFacial is a professional treatment for skin resurfacing. The treatment combines vacuum technology and superior medical-grade serums. This is for exfoliation and rehydrating the skin. Your dermatology provider will use a sophisticated hand-held device to apply advanced cleansers and serums. These products are applied in a spiral, consistent motion. The provider then activates a vacuum that removes skin impurities seated deep within the pores and exfoliates the dead skin.


After cleansing and exfoliation, the provider will apply advanced moisturizing serums to your face. These serums comprise antioxidants and many beneficial ingredients. They rehydrate the skin & provide essential nutrients to the skin.

Following cleaning and exfoliation, your face receives high-quality moisturizing serums that contain antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to rehydrate your skin and provide it with essential nutrients.


HydraFacial treatments usually take 30 minutes to complete. You can get the treatment done anytime and go back to your usual routine. It is that easy!


Benefits of HydraFacial

HydraFacial is a customizable treatment that will address your skin’s unique needs and provide relevant benefits. Some of these benefits can be:

Hydrafacial in Kolkata

Deep Hydration: Drinking enough water and still facing dry, dull skin? Well, this may not be enough during winter. In a HydraFacial, your provider will infuse your skin with advanced serums and moisturizers, to suit your unique skin needs. You can enjoy the benefits of this infusion for almost a month, with supple and soft skin.

Increased Circulation: HydraFacial increases blood flow in the skin, creating a healthy and wholesome glow. Your skin will feel more youthful throughout the winter.

Vitamin & Antioxidant infusion: During HydraFacial, vitamins & antioxidants will reach deep in your skin, giving advanced anti-aging benefits.

Clearer Complexion: Trying out new serums is always risky. We do not know if the product will work or what will be the side effects. With HydraFacial the impurities are removed using a painless suction process. This helps clean pores, blackheads, and skin impurities and reduces any side effects, leaving your skin free from imperfections or blemishes.


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